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KA-226T 2013

KA-226T 2013

Conducting of R&D and issue of design documentation for KA-226T Emercom helicopter details for AO "Kamov". Serial production of details sets.

Scope of work:

  • design project of medical compartment panels ;
  • design project of fuselage facing panels;
  • modernization of fuselage colour and graphic scheme;
  • development of a medical compartment ventilation ;
  • issue of engineering and technological documentation;
  • production of matrices set under tirage production.;
  • mass production of the fuselage and medical compartment panels;
  • optimization and implementation of technologies for the production plant;
  • preparation of the helicopter for a demonstration.

Helicopter production model was demonstrated on HeliRussia 2013. As part of the show EMERCOM  of Russia made a presentation of medical helicopter unit ergonomic advantages.

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