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AO "Russian Helicopters" is one of the world helicopter industry leaders, the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia and one of the few companies in the world, which has the capability to design, manufacture, testing and maintenance modern civil and military helicopters. The head office of AO "Russian Helicopters" is located in Moscow. The structure of AO "Russian Helicopters" includes five helicopter plants, two design offices, production and maintenance of components enterprise and service company that provides after-sales support in Russia and abroad. Russian Helicopters holding was formed in 2007, but the key enterprises have more than 60-year history.

Moscow Polytechnic University is a multidisciplinary higher education institution with modern educational programs which are designed jointly with the leading technology companies and scientific institutes of Russia. The university's educational programs are oriented not only to meeting the existing needs of Russian industry and economy, but also to outstrip the request and create new technologies.

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant includes an experimental design bureau, prototype production unit, advanced R&D facility, engineering and innovation centre, and a one-of-a-kind flight test facility. Today the plant forms a key part of Russian Helicopters’ intellectual infrastructure, the National Helicopter Development Centre, which researches and tests new helicopter designs.

Kamov company is a modern developing company providing design of helicopters, their creation, flight testing as well as production. Kamov helicopters is the only helicopters in the world, having a coaxial rotors configuration.

The company has a unique experience of helicopters designing for various purposes, which allowed to design and develop such world famous combat helicopters as KA-50 "Chernaya Akula" and KA-52 "Alligator", KA-32A  multi-missional helicopter and KA-226 multi-purpose helicopter. Kamov has the potential for dynamic development and the creation of helicopters for various purposes, consistent with international standards and the best world standards.

Kazan Helicopters dates back to 1940. It produces the latest modifications for commercial and military Mi-8/17 series helicopters designed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant – including Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-17V-5 and Mi-172. Kazan Helicopters is also responsible for the development and production of the Ansat light helicopter and its modification, the Ansat-U, designed for pilot training.

Open Joint Stock Company “Scientific and Production Corporation “Irkut” (AO “Corporation Irkut”) is a vertically integrated enterprise providing a full works cycle of military and civilian aircraft design, tests, manufacture, marketing, sales and after-sales service.

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise produces all helicopter types for the Russian Navy, including the Ka-27, Ka-29 and Ka-31 modifications, which boast unique technical attributes and are used by naval forces worldwide.

AO "RSC Energia" has been conducting activities in rocket-space industry since 1946 when the team of specialists developing long-range ballistic missiles was organized under the leadership of S.P. Korolev, the Chief Designer of rocket-space system and the founder of practical cosmonautics.
The enterprise initiated practically all lines of activity related to national rocket and space technology.

AO "International Aero Navigation Systems Concern" (IANS) was established in 2011 aiming at realization of innovative projects in the field of air traffic management, communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS /АТМ) as well as meteorological aero navigation services. IANS is proud of its team consisting of high level recognized experts in the sphere of aircraft engineering, software development, satellite navigation and telecommunication technologies, surveillance and environmental monitoring, flight safety systems and other areas related to aero navigation sphere as well as meteorological support of aviation.

“CARDI” coachbuilder has been working in the field of automotive and industrial design and related areas such as car tuning, engineering development, preparation for production and manufacture of a wide range of products from polymers and other materials since 1991.

Our production and technical base is placed in SKB "MAMI". At the moment, it is a single design and production conglomerate, able to solve the complete cycle of technical issues from the first sketch to serial product.

Student Design Bureau - SKB - has been working at MAMI University since 1987. For many years the bureau has succeeded in a variety of activities from the creation of demonstrational scale models and samples of industrial design to unique exclusive cars.

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