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Principal directions
1) Research in the field of design, ergonomics and safety of aircraft
2) Development of airсraft projects, design projects, fuselages and cabin visualization
3) Execution of R&D in terms of custom constructions made of composite materials
4) Creating of full size seating and demonstration models
5) Creating of demonstration models at 1:2, 1:5, 1:10 scale and less
6) Creating of stands, simulators and prototypes of aircraft
7) Creating of aerodynamic models for tests
8) Modernization of the appearance of the aircraft
9) Development of fuselage colour and graphic painting schemes
10) Preparation and painting of the fuselage at the Customer's territory
11) Development, production and installation of high comfort VIP cabins
12) Development, production and installation of specialized modifications cabins
13) Issue of engineering, technological and operational documentation
14) Design and production of tirage technological equipment
15) Tirage production of composite materials details

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